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You may want to contact us for a number of reasons. You can pitch a story, inquire about sponsorship opportunities, or write a Letter to the Editor. If you're writing a Letter to the Editor that you would like to see published, please be sure to read the guidelines below.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

  • You must sign your letter with your first and last name and include your Stafford street address. We will not publish your address (we will publish your name), but you must include it to verify that you are a town resident.

  • Content must be limited to local issues.

  • We will not publish more than one Letter to the Editor per day, so take your time crafting a thoughtful, well-researched letter.

  • We will not publish hate speech, threats, or any letters trafficking in conspiracy.

  • There is no guarantee that we will publish your letter. This is an experiment, and we’re still figuring it out. Please be patient.

Thanks for submitting!

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